Actionnable compliance guide

Allows automated compliance requirement fulfilling, management and status tracking (privacy policies generation, sensitive data registry, access registry, incident management process, etc.)

Inventory of sensitive data

Inventories over 30 types of data including identification numbers (Social Security Number, Driver’s License), financial information (bank accounts, credit), as well as personal contact details.

Organizational scope

Integrates directly with Microsoft 365 to monitor data in Sharepoint folders, OneDrive, Outlook email boxes and attachments, as well as Teams conversations.

Risk levels classification

Enables automatic classification and prioritization of remediation actions relative to data sensitivity and applicable laws.

Informed action taking

Enables signaling, archiving, or automatic deletion of documents containing sensitive information.

Advanced precision

Uses the latest artificial intelligence models to obtain relevant and rapid results in all organizational contexts.

Reach compliance status faster

Quebec’s Bill 25 brings unique compliance challenges. Sortify is specifically designed to align with these requirements, providing SMEs and organizations a fast path to compliance by enabling them to easily inventory, understand, and process the personal data they hold and implement new organizational practices.

Natively integrates with Microsoft 365

Designed with business managers in mind, Sortify is versatile by natively integrating with the tools of the Microsoft 365 platform (OneDrive, Sharepoint, Outlook, Teams, etc.), allowing you to easily gain a detailed understanding of your organization’s data.

Continuous compliance

Allows monitoring the effectiveness of your compliance processes through the continuous inventory of your organization’s sensitive data. Visualize your risk status over time, receive alerts, and take action quickly.

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